Hopp til hovedinnhold

Big challenges,
Big ideas

The UN Climate Panel has concluded that the linear economy is one of the major causes of climate change. We need to move on to a circular economy, and success will depend on our ability to cooperate for change through all links of the value chain.

Our cluster's goal is to create the world's most efficient and circular value chain for packaging.

About the cluster

Circular Packaging Cluster is a driving force for collaboration through networking, exchange of knowledge and ideas, projects, innovation and development of circular business models in packaging. Our contribution aims at more reuse, less use of fossil materials and development and increased use of renewable and recyclable packaging.

We are a cross-industrial cluster collaboration whose vision is to create the world's most efficient and circular value chain for packaging. Our members include industry, start-ups, R&D institutions, academia, organisations, financial organizations and governmental bodies - all of whome contribute to big challenges being met with big ideas.

Why Circular packaging?

The UN Climate Panel and globally recognized research reports point to the linear economy as a major cause of the greatest environmental problems facing humanity. It has contributed to the earth’s tolerance limits being exceeded. At the corporate level, the transition to a circular economy requires significant cooperation within and between value chains. No single company can create or implement circular systems alone.


Would you like more information, or maybe you would like to become a member? Please feel free to drop us a line!