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About Circular Packaging Cluster

We need to be ambitious and have great ideas to stop climate change. The biggest challenge to accomplish a more resource efficient og circular economy is perhaps that no one can take the responsibility to make it happen, alone. A circular economy is systemic and depends on all parts of the value chain. We need more collaboration and facilitation of development where different businesses take part. Circular Packaging Cluster is a driver for collaboration through project development, innovation and development of new business models within packaging. We have high goals for our work as Arena cluster. We shall contribute to more reuse, less plastic and the development and use of renewable packaging materials.

Circular Packaging Cluster is a cross-industrial cluster collaboration that will create the world's most efficient and circular value chain for packaging. We have with us industrial players, start-ups, research, academia, organisations, finance and the authorities - all of which contribute to great challenges being met with great ideas.

Our focus areas

Renewable material use

Increased use of sustainable materials from renewable, recycled and recyclable resources.

Circular business models

Develop sustainable, circular and profitable business models in practice.


Facilitation of collaboration between the upstream and downstream side of the value chain.

Innovation and commercialization

Products and services which have user attractiveness, strengthen Norwegian production of sustainable packaging materials and packaging solutions.

Overall goals

In addition to the focus areas, we have goals and project plans that shall bring us closer to the main objective of a more efficient and circular value chain. The cluster collaboration have four clear, quantifiable and qualitative objectives:
Increase the degree of material reuse for plastic packaging from 21% in 2020 to 55% in 2030.
Replace at least 5% of plastic packaging with fibre packaging within 2025.
Increase the proportion of plastic from renewable and recycled materials from 4% in 2020 to 60% in 2030.
Create well functioning markets for recycled packaging materials.

Why circular packaging?

The UN Climate Panel and globally recognized research reports point to the linear economy as a major cause of the greatest environmental problems facing humanity. It has contributed to the earth’s tolerance limits being exceeded. At the corporate level, the transition to a circular economy requires significant cooperation within and between value chains. No single company can create or implement circular systems alone.

Join the cluster

Collaboration means meeting and discussing, exchanging knowledge and experiences and stake out the course further. It means building networks and trust between people to achieve the necessary transparency, and to ensure an environment that supports free exchange of opinions, innovation and development.

Contact us if you want to know more about what we work with and how your company can become a member and take part in this community.

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